Trick for your HTC One M9

Tips and Trick for your HTC One M9, Learn all the secrets of HTC One M9

HTC is one of the first Android mobile companies to establish itself as a brand of Android phones. HTC Sense. Now it has changed a lot over the past few years, but the design intervals that were released recently look very good, one of which is the One M9, it’s hard to ignore how much fun this phone is to use. You only need to know some hidden features that are not widely known. Next, we have made a number of these features’ lists.

BlinkFeed offline

One of the features that are available on the HTC home screen is the BlinkFeed pane, you can simply swipe to the left of your HTC screen’s front screen, with that you can see a list of combined posts from all of your social networks as well as various configurable news, but whether Do you know that this feature is also available offline?

You can do this offline configuration access by opening BlinkFeed settings from the navigation bar, first set the mode to read offline, deactivated by default. You can have BlinkFeed cache full content from text or text only. Content is added to your offline reading list with a button in the upper right corner of the expanded story.

You can also do how you want to read your offline content. Entering BlinkFeed settings allows you to choose a reading list service. The default is HTC Reading List, but you can install and use Pocket, Instapaper, and others.


Create more customizable themes

The HTC theme engine on the M9 is fantastic, but the choices are a little scattered. For example, you can download the theme from the store and apply it to M9, but if you want to change any part of the display, you should go back to the My Themes section and tap on my current theme. You can do this for any downloaded theme or special theme.

There is also a separate Personalization menu under the main system settings where you can edit wallpapers, color themes, and more. If you create your own theme, you should check this menu because, for some reason, HTC does not offer many color options for creating special themes. This tries to extract colors from the background image, you need to enter the My Themes or Personalization area and you can choose colors from one of the other themes installed.


HTC Connect

HTC has a special media streaming feature called HTC Connect, but it doesn’t do the best job of showing it in your software. HTC Connect will allow you to stream video or audio to compatible DLNA, Bluetooth and Miracast devices.

To use HTC Connect, you can open the Connect screen full screen from quick settings or just swipe up on the screen with three fingers. There is a checkbox to activate movement in the Display & gesture menu (called Media gesture) but must be activated by default. This is certainly an interesting thing, where you can choose the target device and connect. To disconnect and play again on your device, swipe down with three fingers.


Special camera mode

We were amazed by the M9 camera, but you might be able to get better results from it by making full use of all the settings that HTC has included. You can change exposure, white balance, shutter speed, and more with a few taps. What’s more, you can save your favorited setting and attract them in the future.

To change camera settings, tap the menu button in the corner. You can change some things from an automatic, but you can also change the full manual mode. This gives you more freedom to adjust settings.
Tap the setting gear icon and select Save special camera. Give a descriptive name like “better low light” or whatever you want to achieve. Whenever you want to access one of the camera modes that you have saved, tap the icon in the lower right corner that looks like a group of circles and select your setting from the next screen.


Power saving mode

HTC offers two power saving modes as part of Sense 7, and they have several good adjustments. You can find Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes in the Power section of the system settings. Regular power saver for the basic functions of the phone and allows you to selectively activate power savings for the CPU, screen brightness, vibration motor, and background data connection. This mode is activated and deactivated manually.

Save Extreme Power is more like Ultra Power Saver from Samsung Galaxy. This is simplified and only a few applications can be accessed in this mode. This includes all tweaks from the standard power saving mode and disables the background process. This feature can be turned on manually or automatically when the battery reaches 20%, 10% or 5%.

that’s some list of features that you might not know from the HTC M9, with the various tips and tricks features we mentioned above, Hopefully, you will certainly be freer and happier to use the HTC M9.

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