Things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9

We know that Samsung is a well-known brand in the world that has a wide range of products on the market, one of which is very well known to the entire world is a Smartphone.


Samsung smartphones are indeed very many, and have a variety of types that they spend, ranging from affordable prices to very expensive prices you can find with Samsung.


Do you know all that is carried by the Samsung Galaxy S9? and below are the characteristics of S9 that you might not know.


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LCD Display with Super AMOLED Quad


Samsung Galaxy S9 come with a 5.8 inch with a screen ratio of 18.5: 9, clearly making this phone’s screen feel longer. The visual display is also good because it carries a Quad HD + 1440 x 2960 pixels resolution. With this screen type, clearly the screen has good brightness. The screen itself is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The screen specifications are good in numbers. That means, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a cell phone with the best Super AMOLED Quad HD screen.




Samsung Galaxy S9 carry 4 GB RAM. However, the Galaxy S9 is more superior in the use of external memory which can reach 400 GB. Compare with the Samsung Galaxy S8 is only at 256 GB.




For comparison, the Galaxy S8 only carries the Exynos 8895 processor. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 is equipped with the Exynos 9810 processor. capabilities of this series which makes S9 the most powerful compared to previous series.





Samsung Galaxy S9 Build in Dual -aperture camera. The aperture refers to the width of the lens opening (entrance pupil) where the light enters before the image capture sensor on the camera. The larger openings (f / 1.5 in this case represent openings wider than f / 2.4), the more light will enter. So, the camera lens openings can be selected between f / 1.5 to optimize the shooting in low-light conditions, and f / 2.4 to capture maximum detail when there is a lot of light, for example when during the day.


Samsung Galaxy S9 build in with super-slow-motion recording can capture moments four times slower than the Galaxy S8. With a frame rate of 960 fps at a resolution of 720p or 240 fps with 1080p resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can extend the moment of 0.2 seconds to 6 seconds so that it will give a more dramatic image effect.



AR Emoji

In the Samsung Galaxy S9 series introduced an innovation, the incorporation between Augmented Reality (AR) with emojis technology through a feature called “AR emoji”. AR Emoji allows users to create emojis that are like them. Not only the appearance is similar, the character and expression will also adjust to the user’s face. users can also modify skin colour, eye size, hair type and colour, and accessories such as clothes and glasses. This feature will certainly turn on virtual communication more real.



Water resistance


The design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is classified as luxurious and still comfortable to hold in our hands. The position of the fingerprint sensor is now parallel to the rear camera, making the feel of holding this cell phone better than the Samsung Galaxy S8 series. In addition, the body on this cell phone has curved glass panels on the front and rear which are separated by an aluminium frame makes the HP look very luxurious.

This Samsung Galaxy S9 has an IP68 certification. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is waterproof and able to survive in the water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.

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