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How To Get a Cash from Sell My Broken Phone Option by Vones


When you having a broken phone the things that you do mostly just trying to keep it or throw it to trash, now you can do something better than usual. Now you better started to say “sell my broken phone” rather than to keep it in your home, this is not something that is hard to do, you can sell your phone to us and get cash from it.


Here is something that you have to know in order to get your phone sold in our store, the requirement is not as hard as you think to cash your phone. Several explanations in down below will guide you to connect with us, there is no worry about the amount of money that you will receive from your damage phone that you sell to us.


We Are Accept Any Types of Phone in Our Store


You may keep your old phone in your home for a long time, and you started to think that it would only become trash and has no value again anymore. This thing is not working since we are here standing since 2009, that we could accept any kind of phone with all types and from all ages, which you do not need to be worried again.


When you started to think to sell my broken phone, you can consult with us before you decided to give it to us and get the money. You can negotiate about the price and several things that you are questioning about, since we are really open to our customer, and your satisfaction is our priority that is why we will always try to give our best services to you.


However, to get consult with us there is a step that you have to go through until you connect with us, and start to negotiate. These two ways could be done for you in a simple way, the first thing to do that you have to make an appointment to come and talk to us, which it is could be done through online by filling the form in our website or come directly to our store.


To fill the form, you can open our website, see the current menu on top of the website and you will find the option of sell my broken phone so you can find the form to fill. There will be several things that you need to fill, including the types of your phone and much other important information regarding your phone that you are going to sell to us.


After you finish to fill the form, you can directly tell us another explanation regarding your phone, which it would be on the descriptive column, that is a place where we can get to know on how is your old phone condition. This is also one thing that we will consider about before we get to deal with buying a phone from you and give you the money from us.


On the sell my broken phone options you can always say to us on what time you will be able to meet us, and at what day could you meet us after your busy day. This will help you to state about your availability, to discuss with us until we reach our deal to buy a phone from you that it is really important to meet up because we can see directly on how is the condition of your phone are.


Can We Sell a Damage and Old Phone?


This question is quite easy to answer since we are accepting every type of phone including the damaged phone. However, there will be a requirement that you have to know about to sell the damaged phone to us, but you do not need to get worried about it, you will not get a lower price just because you sell a damaged phone, there will be a category on what kind of damage phone that we accept.


The first one when you want to sell my broken phone to us is under the damage of standard thing, the first one is the screen damage. We still can tolerate the screen damage to sell to our store, as it is still not too much decreasing the values of the phone, that we can still repair it so you can still get the money from it, that does not seem too far from your expectation.


The third one is about water damage; we can still accept the old phone with water damage due to several reasons. The water damage is only broken the small part of the system since it is still quite easy to repair, and that is not a big deal for us, while you want to sell your damaged phone and want to get extra cash to buy the new one.


The last one if you want to sell my broken phone to us, you can sell your phone with a bloated battery that happens several times to your phone. Sometimes if the phone is started to getting old, it will impact the system that can go to the battery, the battery is too often to get bloated, so you may spend a lot of money on that, and now you can sell it to us and get cash from it.


Should I Repair the Damage Before Sell it?


This is one thing that you have to reconsider about before you decide to repair your old phone, and then you sell it to me and we buy. When you decided to sell your broken phone, it does not mean that you have to repair it before you give it to the store that would like to buy it, because it only costs a lot of money that you have to spend for nothing.


We are accepting the phone without any reparation on it after the damage, we can buy that phone with the number of the price that we already discuss before until we make a deal. Start from now try not to repair your phone, if the damage is not as big as you think and change your mind to go directly sell it to us since we will accept your phone with the equal values with the damage to give you cash.

PhonesThe fastest and safest way to sell your phone is through My Broken Phone! We want to buy your phone online or in store and give you cash on the spot. We buy all kinds of smartphones from the Apple iPhone to Android and Blackberry, plus almost all other makes and models. Simply visit us in store or fill out our online form and we will make you a competitive offer. We pay you right away with cash, check or in-store credit, whatever you prefer.


Customers often want to know if there are any phones we won’t buy. There aren’t many deal breakers but there are a few things we can’t purchase, including phones with irreversible water damage, or phones reported as lost or stolen.