Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair Sydney

Samsung is known as a leading cellphone in the world, but not many people know that Samsung Galaxy S8 is vulnerable to cracks on the screen. Galaxy S8 prints 76 on a scale, while S8 + prints 77. This is classified as “medium-high risk.” According to the company, the S8 was the first cellphone ever tested that had cracked in the first drop. on all sides (eg fall in front, back, edge, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair

Meanwhile all the front of the S8 glass is made into a beautiful cellphone, but it is very vulnerable to cracking when it falls and about any angle. Seeing that a small part can cause cracks in your S8, where do you have to repair? The accidental damage to the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not covered by the normal manufacturer’s warranty, so you must immediately bring it to a trusted mobile phone repair.

Vones are the best choice as Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair

We are a mobile phone repair based in Sydney, and we have more than 10 years experience in repairing mobile phones with all old and new brands. With high standard quality in carrying out cellphone repairs which are assisted by a team of technicians who have high flight hours. Contact us now to get the best and cheapest price.


We know how much you depend on the cellphone you use every day, ranging from responsibility to everyday activities almost impossible without them, and if they are damaged device, of course a very annoying situation. We who are trained professionals will help you to make improvements to your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. With a short time and we provide the best quality.

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We get industry standards for cellphone repair and cellphone screen repair, our expertise in cellphone and tablet repair. Our high-quality improvements are affordable and will not take longer than one day to complete. Our Promises and Guarantees Every repair of Vones comes with our standard 90-day warranty that protects your new components.


We serve to fix problems with the common Galaxy S8. Our team of professional technicians who work quickly, so you don’t have to linger not to use a cellphone. We only use quality components and special tools to repair the replacement of the LCD screen on your Galaxy S8.


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Vones offers free device ratings and estimates before you commit to paying, letting your options open to choosing our cellphone repair service or considering upgrading to a new smartphone. Contact us now!