Repair it or Get extra money

Repair it or Get extra money from your old gadget at Vones Store

The rapid innovation on the information technology in this modernization era, allows several smartphone brands or any other gadget name to increase its capabilities. People sometimes would try to buy the new gadget rather than repair the old one, they are impressed on how the new gadget looks like including its ability, they would likely to spend their money for this.



People would do anything to get the new gadget to increase their social life, they do not want to get far away further with other people who have the brand new gadget. Vones give you a solution for those of you who wanted to have the new gadget, without having much money as the same with the price of the new gadget that you wanted.


Are There Any Places That We Can Sell Our Damage Gadget?


The answer to the question above is yes, Vones standing as your best solution to sell your old gadget to get the new one without spending much money on it. For those of you who are wanted to sell your gadget to us, we are here in Sydney and our store will always open in every day, you can always contact us in any time both through online or directly come into our store.


Repairing your gadget only spend your money on something that is useless, especially of the damage were big, this will only make the damage worse if you give it to the wrong hand. Rather than repair it to the store and make you lose your money, you better come into our store and sell your gadget to us, we will provide the cash as equal to the quality.


We are also will help you to provide a solution for choosing the right gadget, to become your new phone after you sell the old or the damage one to us. There will be a lot of variety of models that you can see in our store, as the price will be cheaper than in another store, which you can directly shop right after you sell your gadget to us.


How Much Money Do I Get from Selling My Damage Device?


We are understanding that you have a very big expectation after you sell your old gadget to our store, that you are wishing for having big cash from our store. Before you have these expectations, you have to understand that there are several requirements that you need to follow, to sell your phone to us which it is also easier rather than repair your phone and spend a lot of money.


The first thing that you have to know before you sell your gadget to us, is about the completability of your gadget. These include the box, charger, earphone and many other things, which it is the same as complete as you bought your gadget, this will give an impact to the amount of money that you can get after you sell your old or damaged phone to us.


Beware of the damage, if you want to have extra cash from your expectation, you have to know and understand enough about how bad the damage on your phone is. Sometimes people would just only sell their damage phone, as they will directly say yes to the buyer as they will negotiate with a lower place, but the fact is that their phone is not broke as they think.


If you repair your phone before you may ask the people or the store that repair your phone, to explain to you on how bad the damage on your phone is. With this way, you will not be fool by the buyer when you try to sell your old or damaged phone, that most of the people just ignore it and get the small amount of money, from their phone which it is still good to use.


The last thing that you have to aware about is the age of your phone, this is mostly impacting the amount of the money that you can get after yours decide to sell it. The longer the age means that you can only have a small amount of money, that you can be expected to get the money as your expectation, means that before you sell it to try to check and remember once again about the age of your gadget.


You better think twice to sell your old phone to the store that is offering you a small price or even they will try to tell you to repair it. Try to find the store which can offer you at least the equal number of money, with the age and the damage of your phone, you better put it back if you could not find it in your nearest place, or you can just go to another place to find it as long as you want it.


In our store, you can get the money as the same with your phone condition, that it is also higher than another store in your nearest place or in Sydney. We will do a double check on your old or damaged phone, which it is used to give you valuable money, that is the same with your phone condition or the damage are, also another thing is we will consider about the age of your old phone before we accept.


Should I Fix It Before I Sell?


This question normally happens to every people who would like to sell their old and damage gadget, they will try to do anything for having extra money after they sell it. This action is actually optional for every people, which is depend on the damage on your phone, do not try to repair your phone if the damage is not that worse.


If it is only because the software that is running slow, or even your phone that is having water damage do not try to fix it first, it will only cost your money. You better sell it directly to our store, as we will accept it and you can even get a big amount of money for your new gadget, which it is more advanced and better than your old one.

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