iPhone Repairs

3 Most Common Iphone Repairs Services: 

Iphone Screen Repairs

The iPhone screen is getting bigger and bigger from year to year. resulting in a level of risk for anyone who is not careful iPhone users and dropped their iphone. the level of damage to the iphone screen is very high compared to other problems. for broken iPhone screen problems can not claim under warranty. so be careful when holding your iPhone. If you accidentally drop it and cause your iPhone screen to crack. You don’t need to worry, by replacing your iPhone screen, then your iPhone will return to normal.
iphone screen repairs sydney

Iphone Battery Replacement

For an iPhone battery that has a common problem the battery can’t last long. after full charge sometimes less than 1 hour of usage. this can be caused from various aspects. battery that has more than 2 years, poor maintenance, the use of a charger that is not original and the other causes. with the replacement of the battery, the battery’s resistance will be maximized again

iPhone Charging Port Replacement 

iPhone that has a charging problem, usually it can’t recharge the battery. so that your iphone can’t turn on when the battery runs out to 0%. in general, the damage is caused due to dust clumping at the charging port. Can be tried by cleaning the dirty part, if it does not work and the problem is not resolved, then the iphone requires repairs.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement Sydney

iPhone Repairs Services in Sydney

For those who have problems with the iPhone and are looking for iPhone repairs services in the Sydney area. Vones is one of the mobile phone repair shops outside the Sydney CBD official apple store. with a location inside Westfield shopping center. it is very convenient for those who are looking for a place to repair their iPhone. when yo do iphone repairs services with vones, you can shop, drink coffee or eat so you don’t feel bored even without a mobile phone

iPhone repairs services generally only need 30 min. even for iPhone battery replacement only need 5 min. for the quality of spare parts in general we use spare parts that are OEM quality, but for the replacement of the LCD screen we have 2 options. OEM and after market. If you repair your iPhone with us, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the spare parts you replace. All iPhone Repairs services Vones provide 3 months warranty for both OEM and after market quality.

Vones offers 2 option for iPhone repairs services, you can visit our store or you can post your device to us from anywhere in Australia. iPhone Repairs by Visit our store you can just walk in. dont need to booking with us. almost all types of repairs we do on the spot

Westfield Sydney
Level 5 , Shop 5006A
(Next Few doors from Sydney Tower Eye Entrance)
188 Pitt ST , Sydney NSW 2000
How to get here

Mon – Sat : 9:30 am – 7 pm
Thursday : 9:30 am – 8:30 pm
Sunday      : 10 am – 6:30 pm

(02) 9387 1688


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