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iPhone repairs are playing an important role in fixing iPhone’ issues. No matter how careful , people can drop their iphone time to time. It is not serious, however in some cases it causes cracked screen and unresponsive to touch. Besides, there are some common iphone issues, such as batteries and water damage.


16 kind of Iphone Repairs are normally users need it for their iphone.


1. Batteries Iphone Repairs.


If you find that your iPhone battery does not make it though the day, drain so fast and you have to charge your iPhone every single hour, it means your battery is broken and need battery iphone repairs. Every battery have their lifespan, when it reached its limit or expires, you need to replace the new one. Other reasons cause this problem, it can relate to software issues or apps that run on your iPhone. Battery drain is common issue on iPhone devices, just require iPhone repairs by replacing new battery or restore new software.


2. Screens Iphone Repairs.

You just dropped your iPhone and screen cracked. Even more worst iPhone screen stops working and becomes unresponsive to touch. If this happen, troubleshooting and restarting your iPhone are the first thing you can do to fix the unresponsive screen. It is very frustrated when your iPhone is not working, recommended an iPhone repair option by replacing new LCD screen. Normally, by replacing LCD iPhone screen can fix most screen issues.


3. Water Damage Iphone Repairs.


Water damage iphone repairs is a serious issue, but don’t be panic. When your iPhone dropped in water, if you act smartly it can end up saving your iPhone. A lot of users do not know what they should do and leave it too long and iPhone parts become rusty and more serious even cannot be fixed. Few steps you need to action when you dropped your iPhone in water: turn your iPhone off, remove Sim card, and use a hair dyer to dry it. After you follow those steps and seek for your local iPhone repairs shop immediately, your iPhone should be saved.

When those iPhone issues happen, before you visit iPhone repairs service, you can check whether your iPhone still have a warranty under Apple. If your iphone is still under a warranty you can go to Apple store. However, Apple only provides a standard warranty that does not cover accidental damage. It means a cracked screen or water damage is not something that Apple can cover under the warranty.

Most of iPhone repairs issues can be fixed and can cost less if you decide to do iPhone repairs rather than to replace your broken iPhone in Apple store. So before you consider replacing your iPhone, it is better to seek a professional iPhone repairs or local iPhone repairs shop and get a quote. On the other hand, please be mindful in choosing a professional iPhone repairs. You don’t know what type of experience they have fixing the iPhone repairs. So highly suggested to check whether they are reliable, professional and trusted shops. There are many ways to check their reliability and quality service for iphone repairs, such as doing google search and you can see their reviews with their customers’ comments. Besides, you should ask for your local iphone repairs. Moreover, don’t forget to ask about your iphone repairs warranty as commonly iPhone repairs shop provide 3 months warranty after Iphone repairs.


4. Charging Port Iphone Repairs.

Iphone charging port repairs

5. Power Button Iphone Repairs.

Power button iphone repairs needeed if the power button not response/mostly is stuck(cant press).
Power button iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

6. Front Camera Iphone Repairs.

Front Camera Iphone repairs needed if the camera wont open , camera not focus /blur.
Front Camera iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

7. Back Camera Iphone Repairs.

Back Camera Iphone repairs needed if the camera wont open , camera not focus /blur.
Back Camera iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

8. Earpiece Iphone Repairs.

Earpiece Iphone repairs needed if the Earpiece dont have any sound when calling/incoming call.
Earpiece iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

9. Loud Speaker Iphone Repairs.

Loud speaker Iphone repairs needed if the Loud speaker dont have any sound when ringing or play video/music.
Loud speaker iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

10. Headphone Audio Jack Iphone Repairs.

Headphone Audio Jack Iphone repairs needed if the ear-pod not function/sometimes only half side have a sound
Headphone Audio Jack iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

11. Home Button Iphone Repairs.

Home Button Iphone repairs needed if the home button not function/sometimes works sometimes not
Home button iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

12. Volume Button Iphone Repairs.

Volume button Iphone repairs needed if the volume button not function/sometimes works sometimes not
Volume Button iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

13. Back Real Glass Iphone Repairs.

Back Real Glass Iphone Repairs needed if the back glass after drop and cracked
Back Real Glass iphone repairs take 2 hour to repair.

14. Proximity Sensor Iphone Repairs.

Proximity sensor Iphone repairs needed if the proximity sensor not function(not turn off when you make a call)
Proximity sensor iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.

15. Wifi Antena Iphone Repairs.

WiFi antena Iphone repairs needed if the WiFi signal weak/cant conncet at all to WiFi.
WiFi antena iphone repairs take 1 Hour to repair.

16. Vibration Motor Iphone Repairs.

Vibration motor Iphone repairs needed if your iphone cant get the vibrate.
Vibration motor iphone repairs take 30 min to repair.



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