How to Get Water Out of iPhone

How to Get Water Out of iPhone

Some smartphone is not resistant to water, one of the smartphone does not have water resistance is iPhone, if your iPhone splashes by water or drop into the water you will experience a big problem. if After your cell phone has water damage issue, the phone turns off, won’t turn on and you cannot overcome it by yourself. the only way is to bring your cell phone to (Mobile Phone Repair).


We give you some tips if your iPhone splash by water or drop into the water, try our tips first before you take it to the nearest repairer.


Firstly, do not panic and directly lift up your iPhone from the water as soon as possible. After the phone out of the water,
Please follow the step on below :



1. Turn off your iPhone immediately.

Phone with Running an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit is bound to cause problems, for safe your iPhone not cause more damage this is the safest way.

2. For the liquid other than normal water, ex: salt-water, Wine, milk and other liquids, Wipe the phone with a damp cloth.

The reason to wipe it, because with salt water if not wipe will be corrosive and will definitely damage your phone if not removed. After wipe with a damp cloth. Just dry it off again immediately.

3. Take out removable parts.

Remove the SIM-card and the micro-SD card. And if you have the kind of phone that allows battery removal, do that too. If your phone needs to remove the screw to detached the battery, please do that too. While you’re doing this, be careful not to tap or shake your phone as you could be moving liquid around inside it.

4. Place your phone on a towel in a dry area.

The most important thing now is to leave your phone alone to get dry.

5. Wait until it’s dry to switch it on again.

Please leave it your phone in one to two days. After that, Please make sure the phone is 100% dry before switch it on.

6. Give more attention to the performance.

With a bit of luck, once your phone is dry it could go on working just fine. Or it might go on working but might be some parts is not function well. Keep a watchful eye over the next few days and test its performance on key tasks like playing music, taking photos, etc. If you do notice problems, you may have to get it repaired or replaced.

Your iPhone doesn’t turn on? Bring to an expert repairer

After you follow the tips on above and your iPhone not be able to turn on, there is no other option you can do, to reduce the high risk, this iPhone needs to be done by the expert repairer.


Vones Phone Repair Sydney is one of the expert repairers for water damage/water ingression in Sydney, with experienced technicians who will handle damage on your iPhone. Vones will provide the right solution that your iPhone can turn on and back to normal. if your iPhone doesn’t turn on at all (totally dead) our expert technicians will try to recover your data. That is the most important and the most value things on your iPhone.

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