How to Check Water Damaged iPhone

How to Check Water Damaged iPhone

Various electronic items do not hold water and can be damaged if submerged. one of them is the iPhone. especially the iPhone generation before the iPhone 6S doesn’t have water resistance. If your iPhone sinks or splashes into the water, maybe you need to do some small rescue. If you have suffered severe damage you better leave it to the expert’s technician. there is no other option, your iPhone needs repair to get back to normal.


The right thing to do for those of you who experience iPhone damage because of being exposed to water to immediately bring it to the best mobile phone service near you. However, to avoid repair prices and high service costs, of course, you can try some tips for handling your water damage iPhone before you must go to the repair shop.


Here are the tips on how to check the iPhone that was damaged by water


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Some ways you can do in the tutorial article above, there you can find various traps starting when your mobile phone is exposed to water, and what you should do with proper handling.


Smartphones are indeed not a device used in water or a wet environment, except for Android phones which currently can mostly do activities in the water, can last in water for a maximum of 30 minutes, different from the use of our days that we can use at any time and everywhere. But for some reason, water can always find a way to enter our device. Whether it’s on the beach, swimming pool, fish pond. There is always a way. Even if you rarely go to the beach or swimming pool, water will come in unexpected ways.



The way a cellphone is exposed to water without risk


If you want to repair your iPhone that is exposed to water, without the risk, the right thing is to bring to a service that can solve your problem without the need to think for a long time, because a repair shop certainly has a lot of experience. their technicians have a lot of experience dealing with water damage compared to those of you who have no experience.


Don’t hesitate to contact VONES Phone Repair Sydney who will always ready to assist you, our technician has high experience in the field, to repair any type of problem. Including iPhone which is currently experiencing water damage.

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