Some smartphone is not resistant to water, one of the smartphone does not have water resistance is iPhone, if your iPhone splashes by water or drop into the water you will experience a big problem. if After your cell phone has water damage issue, the phone turns off, won’t turn on and you cannot overcome […]


HTC is one of the first Android mobile companies to establish itself as a brand of Android phones. HTC Sense. Now it has changed a lot over the past few years, but the design intervals that were released recently look very good, one of which is the One M9, it’s hard to ignore how much […]

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Phone repair is indeed sought after in all cities in Australia, one of the most popular cities, Sydney. For those of you who are looking for phone repairs in Sydney, here we will provide complete information for you. There is no other choice, other than finding the best phone repair when your phone is using […]

Now we will give some tips on how to repair a damaged cell phone. You will certainly be very excited if your phone falls into the water, especially your cellphone does not have water-resistant features like today’s smartphones, many of which cause the phone to fall and get exposed to water, maybe you are exposed […]