January 28, 2019

Fix your broken cellphone now   If your cellphone is damaged, we will repair it quickly with the best quality parts and affordable prices.VONES Phone Repair Sydney is a repair shop with the best cellphone repair service in Sydney that provides high-quality service, guarantees original goods and is handled by experienced technicians.   We repair […]

January 17, 2019

Trusted iPhone, Android and Laptop repair services in Sydney. Call and book your repairs with VONES Phone Repair, technicians will come to your home or office (Sydney City CBD Only). Free Quote, 90-day warranty & pay when your gadget has been repaired.   VONES Phone Repair Sydney as the best repair shop for mobile phones […]

January 6, 2019

Smartphones are indeed the most devices we have encountered today, even today everyone has them. The reason is, most of the smartphone users must use a cell phone with a modern operating system like Android and iOS. This is probably due to the ease of operating modern smartphones today, and the availability of a variety […]

December 17, 2018

We observe the increase of gadgets user year by year. We realize the millennium era; each individual has the gadgets. whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. All Gadgets are coming with the big screen sometimes from our carelessness so easy damage the device. it can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. That […]

Some smartphone is not resistant to water, one of the smartphone does not have water resistance is iPhone, if your iPhone splashes by water or drop into the water you will experience a big problem. if After your cell phone has water damage issue, the phone turns off, won’t turn on and you cannot overcome […]

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen cracked? Looking for a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone repair? Get repair in the Westfield Sydney CBD by contacting Vones Phone Repair Sydney. You will get Price affordable, Original quality screen, high skills technician and 3-month warranty, nothing to worry after your Samsung Galaxy S8 fixed.   Samsung Galaxy S8 is […]

Now we will give some tips on how to repair a damaged cell phone. You will certainly be very excited if your phone falls into the water, especially your cellphone does not have water-resistant features like today’s smartphones, many of which cause the phone to fall and get exposed to water, maybe you are exposed […]

Best Mobile Phone Repair Sydney – The best mobile repair service in Australia and professionals, we are Vones Phone Repair Sydney which offers a warranty starting from three months for parts and labor in every cellphone repair. Among our engineers, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile phone repair Sydney. […]