10 tips to save iPhone battery power, so that your iPhone battery becomes more durable and the iPhone can last longer.   Not all tips you have to do it all, just select a few tips that you really need and if you do not interfere with your daily activities.     1. Turn Off […]


Various electronic items do not hold water and can be damaged if submerged. one of them is the iPhone. especially the iPhone generation before the iPhone 6S doesn’t have water resistance. If your iPhone sinks or splashes into the water, maybe you need to do some small rescue. If you have suffered severe damage you […]


Iphone XS Max Compared to the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, this is the largest iphone in apple history. With very large screen size reaching 6.5 inches. People have never imagined that the iPhone screen can be very wide.   OLED Super Retina screen iPhone XS Max uses a 6.5-inch wide screen that has a […]

On Wednesday (12/09/2018) Located at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park, California, Apple officially launched its newest iPhone XS cell phone. The phone is one of the latest trios (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR) of iPhones launched on that day.   Apple has released iPhone XS. The XS iPhone is the successor of […]

Some smartphone is not resistant to water, one of the smartphone does not have water resistance is iPhone, if your iPhone splashes by water or drop into the water you will experience a big problem. if After your cell phone has water damage issue, the phone turns off, won’t turn on and you cannot overcome […]

Best Mobile Phone Repair Sydney – The best mobile repair service in Australia and professionals, we are Vones Phone Repair Sydney which offers a warranty starting from three months for parts and labor in every cellphone repair. Among our engineers, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile phone repair Sydney. […]


The iPhone XS Max, now the biggest smartphone made by the Apple company. With a 6.5-inch service size, it looks almost without a frame on the screen and iconic service that is currently the one that dominates the hand. In addition to dominating this, the XS Max iPhone is also the biggest and most expensive […]

Due to smartphone displays, with few exceptions, are made to last. Many men and women encounter problems because telephones, such as all tiny electronic equipment, have a propensity to fall from pockets, or to be dropped and broken.   A person will simply by a cell phone – but what if you’ve only got yourself […]