Smartphones have become one of the most dominant technological devices in the 21st century. Wherever you go, there is someone with a smartphone, using it for various tasks. One smartphone that is more common than others is the iPhone. The iPhone offers far more than an ordinary smartphone, as you will see when you read […]


Iphone XS Max Compared to the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, this is the largest iphone in apple history. With very large screen size reaching 6.5 inches. People have never imagined that the iPhone screen can be very wide.   OLED Super Retina screen iPhone XS Max uses a 6.5-inch wide screen that has a […]

On Wednesday (12/09/2018) Located at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park, California, Apple officially launched its newest iPhone XS cell phone. The phone is one of the latest trios (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR) of iPhones launched on that day.   Apple has released iPhone XS. The XS iPhone is the successor of […]

Due to smartphone displays, with few exceptions, are made to last. Many men and women encounter problems because telephones, such as all tiny electronic equipment, have a propensity to fall from pockets, or to be dropped and broken.   A person will simply by a cell phone – but what if you’ve only got yourself […]