iPhone screen Replacement   iPhone screen replacement services are really needed by iPhone users. In reality, our activity is very busy and tiring and lacking in awareness. sometimes we often drop our items. This can happen to anyone, especially the Apple company produces larger size of iPhone screen from year to year. Because the screen […]


Phone Repairs Like other electronic devices, phone also can be broken in some stages such as because of age or usage. When the issue come, users might consider to seek for phone repairs or just replace with a new one. Some users will still choose to have phone repairs due to the important of the […]


Iphone Repairs   iPhone repairs are playing an important role in fixing iPhone’ issues. No matter how careful , people can drop their iphone time to time. It is not serious, however in some cases it causes cracked screen and unresponsive to touch. Besides, there are some common iphone issues, such as batteries and water […]


Iphone screen repairs iPhone is a product of Apple company, where the iPhone is very famous for its touch screen and is the originator of the first mobile phone that uses a touch screen. Now the iPhone is a mobile phone device that is classified as luxurious in the eyes of users with the large […]


The rapid innovation on the information technology in this modernization era, allows several smartphone brands or any other gadget name to increase its capabilities. People sometimes would try to buy the new gadget rather than repair the old one, they are impressed on how the new gadget looks like including its ability, they would likely […]


Smartphones have become one of the most dominant technological devices in the 21st century. Wherever you go, there is someone with a smartphone, using it for various tasks. One smartphone that is more common than others is the iPhone. The iPhone offers far more than an ordinary smartphone, as you will see when you read […]


10 tips to save iPhone battery power, so that your iPhone battery becomes more durable and the iPhone can last longer.   Not all tips you have to do it all, just select a few tips that you really need and if you do not interfere with your daily activities.     1. Turn Off […]


Fix your broken cellphone now   If your cellphone is damaged, we will repair it quickly with the best quality parts and affordable prices.VONES Phone Repair Sydney is a repair shop with the best cellphone repair service in Sydney that provides high-quality service, guarantees original goods and is handled by experienced technicians.   We repair […]


Today’s Smartphone has become a basic human need. And Android smartphone users dominate the number of smartphone users in the world. Android colors are used by many big brands in the world to lesser-known cellphone companies. Among those that use the Android system are Samsung phone, Google Pixel phone, Huawei phone, HTC phone, Oppo phone, […]


The South Korean company is rumored on their 10th anniversary Samsung will be releasing a few different models and sizes. Samsung will release its latest smartphone in the Galaxy S10 series in early 2019. Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus. The higher-spec models, rumors suggest, could be the first to adopt Samsung’s […]