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10 Ways to Save the Power of an Android Phone Battery so it can Hold 2 Days!

Today’s Smartphone has become a basic human need. And Android smartphone users dominate the number of smartphone users in the world. Android colors are used by many big brands in the world to lesser-known cellphone companies. Among those that use the Android system are Samsung phone, Google Pixel phone, Huawei phone, HTC phone, Oppo phone, Oneplus phone, Nokia Phone, Motorola phone, Sony Xperia phone, LG Phone, Xiaomi Phone and many more using the Android operating system. Are you proud of using Android?



One obstacle that is experienced by many Android users is a battery that runs out quickly.


In order for you to be more satisfied using your Android smartphone in your daily life, Vones Phone Repair Sydney has a way to save Android battery!


1. Beware of Installing the Application

Always pay attention and be careful of the applications you install. Always read carefully what access is needed by an application on your smartphone.

Some applications will make the smartphone battery run out quickly because it constantly pings your Android location.

So, it is better to reduce install applications that require access to your location.



2. Pay Attention to Running Applications

The number of applications used is the cause of smartphone battery waste. For that reason, to save Android battery, it’s good to always pay attention to the running application that is placed in the background.
If at any time you feel your Android battery is fast running out, try checking your battery usage by entering the Settings> Battery menu> Battery Usage. Check what applications consume the most battery, and please uninstall or limit their use wisely.


3. Power Saving mode

If by chance your smartphone already uses the Android Lollipop operating system, you can save Android battery by entering the Power Saving Mode feature.

In this mode all smartphone functions that consume your battery will be limited, starting from screen brightness, mobile connection, WiFi, to location.

The way to enter Power Saving Mode is to enter Settings> Battery> Battery Saver in your smartphone settings.


4. Turn off the Auto Brightness feature.

To be able to save your Android battery, you should turn off the Auto Brightness feature and adjust the screen brightness manually.


5. Turn off the Motions and Gestures Feature

The Motions and Gestures feature makes it easy for you to give commands to your smartphone just by moving your smartphone or special gesture on the screen, such as taking screenshots or ignoring phone calls.
But you should turn off the Motions and Gestures feature to save your Android smartphone battery.


6. Turn off the Smart Stay Feature

Most of Samsung smartphones there is a Smart Stay feature. This feature will keep your smartphone on while you stare at the screen. It is recommended that you turn off this feature if it is not needed
7. Don’t Use a Live Wallpaper

One of the ways to save Android phone batteries is to avoid using Live Wallpaper. Although it will make your smartphone look more lively and attractive, it will have a big impact on your battery life. suggested not to use live wallpaper if it’s not needed


8. Go Greyscale

For those of you who like to read, you can save on Android smartphone batteries by going to the Grayscale or Dark Mode display. This feature will make your Android screen look grey and dark, thus reducing battery consumption. For all Android phones, you can follow the steps below!
Go to Setting – Accessibility – Vision – Greyscale


9. Avoid using a Power Bank

Power Bank is very easy to carry everywhere and is very helpful when our cellphone has no battery power. but it needs to be remembered specifically for cheap and unbranded power banks. the power out of the power bank is not stable. this can damage the life of your cellphone battery
It is recommended to use your original charger.


10. Use Original Charger

It is highly recommended to use the original charger every time you recharge your Android battery is very influential on the age of the battery. So don’t be lazy to always carry your original smartphone charger.
it is recommended not to charge your battery overnight. if you often eat it will have a big effect on the age of the battery.

The 10 ways above are steps to help you maintain the battery on your Android phone. hopefully, it can be useful

If you experience a problem with your battery. you can contact us immediately. Vones Phone Repair Sydney provides fast battery replacement services and very affordable prices. the average battery replacement takes 10 minutes. a maximum of 30 minutes.


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