Ways to save iPhone Battery Power

10 Ways to save iPhone Battery Power

10 tips to save iPhone battery power, so that your iPhone battery becomes more durable and the iPhone can last longer.


Not all tips you have to do it all, just select a few tips that you really need and if you do not interfere with your daily activities.



1. Turn Off the Personal Hotspot

After Use Turn off the personal hotspot immediately after use. Many iPhone users forget to turn off this feature after use, thus making the battery run out faster. For that, make sure you turn off the personal hotspot through Settings> Personal hotspot> and turn it off.



2. Turn off Auto Brightness

Turn off Auto Brightness although sometimes useful, but not infrequently this auto brightness provides more brightness than is needed. You can turn it off through Settings> General> Accessibility> Display accommodations> Auto Brightness> off. After that, you can just adjust the brightness manually through the control center.



3. Use Low-Power Mode

You can use it when traveling far and requires extra battery life, by activating the low-power mode. Enabling low-power mode will make your iPhone’s performance go down and turn off some features temporarily. But the effect will save battery usage significantly. You can activate Low power mode via Settings> Battery> and activate Low-power mode.



4. Turn off Vibration

Turn off unnecessary vibrations. Open Settings> Sound & Haptic> and you can turn off vibrate when the cellphone rings in the Vibrate on ring option. Logically, with just a ringtone you can already be aware if there is a call in, so you can reduce the use of vibration to save battery.



5. Reduce Notifications

Reduce the use of notifications by turning off notifications for applications that you don’t use. Open Settings> Notifications> and turn off notifications from applications that you don’t need, for example, Home, etc.



6. Turn off Dynamic / Live Wallpaper

Turn off dynamic/live wallpaper on the iPhone. Even though it looks cool, dynamic and the live wallpaper uses resources that are bigger than just static wallpapers.
Open settings> wallpaper> choose a new wallpaper> and select wallpaper stills or just select a static photo from the gallery.



7. Turn Off Airdrop If Not Used

In conditions of active Airdrop, the iPhone will continue to search for other Apple devices to connect to each other, and when not in use this is just a waste of resources and batteries. Swipe Action Center, and if Airdrop is active, tap then select Receive Off to turn it off.



8. Turn off Fitness Tracking

If you never use your iPhone for sports, or never use the fitness tracking feature, just turn off the feature from Settings> Privacy> Motion & Fitness> and turn off Fitness Tracking. This way the iPhone will not access various sensors to get data such as the number of steps, etc.


Hopefully, the 8 tips above can maintain the durability of your iPhone battery. but how smart we treat the battery has a charging period that can end. If you experience battery problems on your iPhone, iPod, iPod or MacBook. no need to worry Vones Phone Repair Sydney will always help you in terms of replacing a new battery. The following are the battery replacement services that we offer :



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